Mount your phone to your vehicle's screen or dashboard whilst on road or track, and aLapRecorderHD will simultaneously record video footage, GPS location information, accelerometer data, vehicle speed, engine rpm*, throttle position* and more. Off track, you can then review your recordings, with the GPS location, G-Forces, Speed, RPM, along with Google Maps, all overlaid in graphical form and synchronized with the video playback.

You can load the track’s lap and sector details from a comprehensive library of world circuits, or create your own track by marking your start/finish line and up to 30 individual sectors. aLapRecorderHD will generate reports and charts, detailing and comparing lap and sector times, split times and speeds, min/max cornering speeds and lots more. ¼ Mile times/speeds and 0-60, 0-100 sprints can also be calculated and replayed with data and informational overlays.

You can export your recordings in various formats and, using 3rd party race video production tools, create professional level video that you can share with friends, or upload to the World Wide Web.

Some Highlights:-

  • Record/replay in car video/GPS/G-Force and OBD2 data.

  • Supports up to 1080p HD video recording.*

  • Support for external 5/10hz performance DGPS receivers (Differential GPS).

  • Support for OBDII ELM 327 Bluetooth interface to vehicle ECU.

  • Record speed, location, altitude, acceleration, braking, engine rpm, throttle position and more…

  • Display GPS location and track overlays during playback.

  • Add Google map overlays and picture in picture views.

  • Touch screen controls to quickly seek through video and data replay.

  • Review, save or send lap comparison charts and reports.

  • Load track lap and sector details from world track library.

  • Mark up to 30 user sectors/checkpoints for detailed lap min/max speed and split time reports.

  • Calculate ¼ mile times and speeds.

  • Calculate 0-60 mph and 0-100 mph split timings.

* On devices with support for HD video recording.

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23rd October 2011
Version 1.0 b22 Released
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